Zuckerberg Shows New Plans to Improve Privacy on Social Media Platform in His Note

Facebook has always been the focus of media attention.

Facebook has always been the focus of media attention. According to reports, the company has been hiring engineers and other employees because of their secret blockchain project. Recently, the CEO of the company took to his “Notes” option on the website to discuss project progress.

According to CNBC,  Mark Zuckerberg has described exactly how he intends to make a more “privacy focused” future for the platform, with a heavy focus on communications platforms.

Zuckerberg has discussed how the privacy of the platform will become more and more important in the coming years, which may be the node of the messaging service they are creating. The new service will include a combined platform between Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, to allow them to conduct private conversations. By combining the new services of these popular communication platforms, the main goal is to focus on user security and private communications.

Zuckerberg Shows New Plans to Improve Privacy on Social Media Platform in His Note


In the post, Zuckerberg talks that how the communications industry will eventually turn to “private encrypted services” to ensure that content is secure but hidden. He added: “This is future, I hope we can help achieve this goal.”

It is undeniable that Facebook has little experience in building such security services because most of their work is directed at open sharing types of platforms. Despite this, Zuckerberg insists that the company has the ability to “develop” to create the services which consumers need.

If privacy security is what the Facebook platform is looking for, blockchain and cryptocurrency may be the best way to solve this problem. Although the transactions on the blockchain are completely transparent in number and address, the actual identity of the user is protected.

In addition, CNBC article describes that the current work on encryption projects can be applied to the monetization of private communications.

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