World’s Highest Paid Podcaster Joe Rogan Uses the Crypto-Focused Brave Browser

Comedian Joe Rogan, the host of one the most popular podcast in the world, discussed online privacy in his most recent episode, saying that he uses the Brave browser to avoid being tracked.

With data protection becoming an increasingly important issue in the world, the once niche products such as Brave are set to reach a huge new audience.

Brave Gets a Shout-Out on World’s Most Popular Podcast

Brave Browser has been on a crazy ride for more than a year, reaching milestone after milestone and introducing new features and updates on a monthly basis. The company’s latest achievement—surpassing 15 million active monthly users—was followed by a huge, but unintentional marketing boost when the browser got a shoutout on the world’s most popular podcast.

In the latest Joe Rogan Experience podcast, comedian and TV personality Joe Rogan discussed online privacy with his guest Reggie Watts. The two commented on the prevailing presence of sponsored ads and online tracking tools and methods on how to avoid them.

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