Which Cryptocurrency Should I Invest in, in 2019? Why?

Before I answer you must realize we are in a time period that has never ever been experienced before.

Bitcoin and blockchain are like the 3rd digital industrial revolution that will change the world for good. Which simply means, when machine meets the internet, and the internet will be able to upgrade itself into a world we have never seen before. Also with 5G [which is coming] you will see a world where machine can interact with machine via the internet and this will also create a world that some people even 20 years ago though would never be possible. Its all coming, so DEAL WITH IT!

Just think, right now UBER will eventually be disrupted by DRIVERLESS taxi’s, planes will be disrupted by driver-less electric helicopters, people will not get a monthly wage, but in terms of blockchain you can claim a daily wage from your employer, all through digital means, and using and infiltrating blockchain technology….Like I said its hard to describe the world coming via text and social media on a great platform like QUORA, but I can assure you….This is all coming!

The real answer here is ARE YOU READY?

While some people are calling bitcoin and Blockchain a scam, they are clueless, because we are hardly out of the womb. This is like saying to your wife that you kid will be a failure when she is 9 Months pregnant, and your newborn ( he/she ) has not even been welcomed into the world.

I have a friend who has made over $30 Million USD in bitcoin alone, and he does not really flinch to the fact that one day Bitcoin will go well over $20,000 USD. Its not a matter of if but when. In his own terms bitcoin is what he said “money simplified”

Realistically if you can get your head around that, its not about which crypto should you be investing in, but what will be the next GOOGLE or AMAZON of the crypto world that is coming!!! Read that last part again!!

This is a very complicated topic to cover or to answer in this social media platform, but in short, I can tell you there is a broke student learning and programming the next google, or facebook in the blockchain. He is probably in his parent garage right now and has no money but will be the first billionaire in the blockchain. As history repeats itself, this is the DOT COM 2.0 Boom coming. And I can assure you no one can stop this.

With the privacy issues and illegitimate practices of Facebook, they are not only making way for the next internet {blockchained based world} they are forcing us to go there.

Will this happen fast? NO!, but its coming, and lets say if you were to be in a situation where you could get in a time machine, and go back to the 90’s and buy facebook at $0.005 of a cent. How much of your life savings would you invest. That is the real question here, and its worth your while to do all the research you can to try and put a few of your eggs or {part of} your lifesaving on one of these coins and that could end up going into the 1000’s. That would make you a millionaire!!

Obviously bitcoin has had a nice run, but I am sure there will be a contender to its prowess soon.

Realistically I am not here to tell you which coin to purchase, because I do not know the future. Nobody does. But I am here to tell you that crypto has hardly even started, and if you punt on one of the up and coming coins today, that will be the leader of tomorrow…you will never have to worry about money again.

So never ask which coin you should invest in. Always ask which coin has real world use cases, adaptability and real world use cases right now at an increased rates. The warning signs are there, because years from now, I would say 80% of these coins will be failures and go to zero. Like I said this is the dot com boom 2.0 all over again.

I have been in Bitcoin since 2010, and done very well. There is no need to brag, but to share my knowledge, understanding and strict protocols to finding the next Huge opportunity in the crypto space. Because this is BIG!

While you can sit there and read my post, and think this is impossible. Please realize that in this world as a crypto investor, usually the answer to the most hardest of questions is usually is staring at you right in the face, and if you trust your intuition like I did back in 2010 you can see massive success if you are a patient person. It all comes down to your personality and your tenacity.

Like I said I am offering you something much more then just telling you to go off and buy BITCOIN or LITECOIN. What I am offering you here, is something much more deeper and if you read this post a few time, you will realize what I am offering you is something much more powerful than the latest “pump and dump” coin on the blockchain.

What I am offering you is life changing in an information age, and like I said what I am offering here to you is — INFORMATION!


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