Well, Epic Games Just Dropped More Proof the PS5 Will Outclass the Series X

  • Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 tech demo offered the first look at the potential of the next generation of consoles.
  • The company just revealed it rejigged elements of Unreal Engine 5 on the basis of the PS5’s ultra-fast SSD.
  • The engine has the potential to allow developers to craft experiences unique to the PS5.

There’s no doubt last month’s Epic Unreal Engine 5 demo – which ran on a PlayStation 5 (PS5) – delivered the next-gen vision. But it left lingering questions about what this means for competitor Microsoft and the Xbox Series X.

Epic was quick to strike a diplomatic note. Epic head Tim Sweeney explained that the tech underpinning the Lumen in the Land of Nanite demo would be supported on the Xbox Series X.

Tim Sweeney confirmed the Xbox Series X would benefit from the Unreal Engine 5’s next-gen tech. | Source: Twitter

Glaringly absent from the CEO’s reassurances was any mention of whether the Series X could churn out similarly breathtaking graphical fidelity. In tandem, Epic gushed on about the PS5, notably the SSD.

A month later, Epic Games has now offered the clearest indication yet of which console it sways toward when it comes to getting the most out of its engine.

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