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The team of Frontier, an app to manage decentralized protocols, today announced the launch of TxLink — a middleware between dApps and mobile blockchain wallets for transaction signing.

Two driving reasons the Frontier team built this tool include:

  • Removing platform dependency for users.
  • Simplifying multiple address management.

“Our vision behind building TxLink is to let users interact with dApps through their preferred wallet on mobile without forcing them to create a new wallet or to import private keys or seed phrases of existing wallets. TxLink is a middle layer that enables building a native dApp and letting the existing wallets handle the key management.”
– The Frontier Team

How TxLink Brings Wallet Composability to Mobile

Wallet composability is a system that enables the user to choose the desired wallet to perform or complete certain operations. These can include: staking, gaming dApps, DeFi protocols, NFTs, etc. and thereby removing the address fragmentation problem.

TxLink is a middleware that connects dApps and DeFi protocols including MakerDao, Compound, bZx, Synthetix, and more, to a user’s preferred mobile wallet. TxLink uses deep linking tech; which enables applications like Frontier to connect with any web3 mobile wallet which supports EIP- 681.

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