• Why Blockchain Technology Is Important for Data Privacy

    Using blockchain technology, our data could be much, much safer.

    Aug 19, 2019
  • Social Media Outage Highlights Why Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency Puts Personal Privacy At Risk

    A massive outage on Facebook and Instagram revealed hidden “tags” given to users photos on the popular social media platforms – tags that are used by the company to market to its users. It also may have revealed how their Libra cryptocurrency will become a Trojan Horse into user data.It’s to no surprise that Facebook aggregates user data and likely knows more about an individual than anyone would truly be comfortable with, but the recent issue highlights how Facebook would use transactional data of Libra usage – the company’s upcoming fiat-based cryptocurrency project – to invade the privacy of their users and market to them with chilling accuracy.Social Media Outage Sheds Light on Facebook Privacy InvasionYesterday, a widespread outage impacting social media powerhouses Facebook and Instagram plagued internet users. And while much of the chatter online was more from users complaining that they couldn’t view photos of other people’s food, weddings, or their friend’s summer travel collage, the issue shed some light into how even the most innocent data is used by the corporation to market to its users.The company uses artificial intelligence to…

    Jul 5, 2019
  • Why Ethereum’s Privacy Matters and What’s Being Built to Support It

    Mixers. Computational data layers. Zero-knowledge proofs: these are just a few of the technologies being leveraged to enhance privacy on the ethereum blockchain.Privacy for a public blockchain network is a bit of an oxymoron, given that, by nature of the technology’s design, data must be shared and widely distributed on the network in order to be considered valid. What’s more, for a high-profile public blockchain network like ethereum, several blockchain analytics websites and data scraping services exist to proliferate this data beyond just the users of the network.Itamar Lesuisse, the CEO and co-founder of crypto wallet tool Argent, describes the matter of privacy on the ethereum blockchain as an issue for even “the most simplest use case” on the platform.“If you just look at the most simplest use case, if I say, ‘Hey Christine, can you send me ten dollars [worth of ether]? Here’s my wallet address.’ Now, you know how much money I have.” Lesuisse said during an interview with CoinDesk.By virtue of sharing one’s public ethereum address, the amount of funds being held within that address is easily uncovered….

    Jun 25, 2019
  • Blockchain Storage to Save Your Privacy

    The development of the times has greatly exceeded our expectations, and side effects of development are also unexpected.

    Apr 18, 2019
  • Zuckerberg Shows New Plans to Improve Privacy on Social Media Platform in His Note

    Facebook has always been the focus of media attention.

    Mar 8, 2019

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