• The Investment Trend Has Changed? Digital Currency Is No Longer Suitable for Investment

    The year of 2019 has witnessed a shift in investments from focusing purely on digital currency to convergence applications.

    Aug 14, 2019
  • UN Investigating 35 North Korean Military-Funding Cyberattacks

    A U.N. report recently accused the North Korean regime of carrying out major cyberattacks of banks and crypto exchanges to fund its weapons of mass destruction programs.

    Aug 14, 2019
  • People Are More Willing to Invest in Bitcoin Than Libra

    Not long ago, Facebook had agreed to pay more than $5 billion in fines to end US lawsuits against the company’s abuse of user data, and agreed to implement new privacy protections, including setting up a privacy committee independent of the board and appointing personal privacy regulatory officer. However, according to the latest research data from CivicScience in the United States, Libra’s trust is only 2% compared to Bitcoin. Although the sample of the survey questionnaire is not large enough, it is clear that once the crisis is formed, the cost of building trust will be surprisingly high. At the same time, it also revealed that the position of Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency industry will be difficult to be shaken in the future. Recently, CivicScience’s survey of 1,799 Americans showed that people’s trust in Libra and its related Calibra wallet compared to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and their corresponding wallets showed: 1% show they trust Libra more 1% show they trust Libra more than other cryptocurrencies 19% believe that all cryptocurrencies are the same 5% show they trust BTC far more than Libra…

    Jul 29, 2019
  • Which Cryptocurrency Should I Invest in, in 2019? Why?

    Before I answer you must realize we are in a time period that has never ever been experienced before. Bitcoin and blockchain are like the 3rd digital industrial revolution that will change the world for good. Which simply means, when machine meets the internet, and the internet will be able to upgrade itself into a world we have never seen before. Also with 5G [which is coming] you will see a world where machine can interact with machine via the internet and this will also create a world that some people even 20 years ago though would never be possible. Its all coming, so DEAL WITH IT! Just think, right now UBER will eventually be disrupted by DRIVERLESS taxi’s, planes will be disrupted by driver-less electric helicopters, people will not get a monthly wage, but in terms of blockchain you can claim a daily wage from your employer, all through digital means, and using and infiltrating blockchain technology….Like I said its hard to describe the world coming via text and social media on a great platform like QUORA, but I…

    Jul 22, 2019
  • Fidelity Investments Interest In Crypto Could Push Bitcoin Price Even Higher

    Fidelity Investments subsidiary Fidelity International is getting ready to enter the cryptocurrency space even more. As we know, they’ve already established Fidelity Digital Assets and that the group is looking into blockchain technology. However, what’s especially interesting is a Bitcoin online trading platform that the staff participates in. In-house sentiments are high The game only exists in-house for now, but could possibly come to the public at a later date. When starting out, users are given £10,000 in fake digital assets. From there, they’re provided an emulated cryptocurrency wallet and are asked to put together a portfolio. Those who put together the best portfolio can win a cash prize. According to EthereumWorldNews, 1,200 of Fidelity’s 8,000 staff members are playing the game right now. We learned about the title last month via Chief Executive Anne Richards, who spoke about it at a conference. Back then, she said: “We have a bitcoin trading game that we use internally, as a way of teaching people about distributed ledger technology and digital tokenisation, which ultimately will be an important part of the whole financial system going forward”…

    Jul 10, 2019
  • Rising Institutional Investment Setting Pace For Future Crypto Growth

    Financial institutions have begun to enter crypto with a quickening pace, setting the tone for the remainder of 2019 and 2020. What makes these years different from ones prior is the speed of professionalization taking place in the markets, according to our sources. Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, CEO of BCB – a financial services group with digital asset specialism, drew comparisons on the various bull runs experienced over bitcoin’s (BTC) lifecycle, with the exception given to this year’s fundamental growth. “The 2013 bubble was driven by technocrats and dark web trawlers and the 2017 rally was led by the whims of speculative retail traders, 2019’s growth belongs to financial institutions who are diversifying stale portfolios and finally have the professional machinery to do so.” Last month in the UK alone, 9 financial institutions for banking and over-the-counter (OTC) trading were brought into the fold by BCB. That raised the count to 32, most of whom came onboard this year, says Landsberg-Sadie. “This is a fundamental shift in client profile compared to last year which was dominated by crypto projects looking for…

    Jul 8, 2019
  • Crypto Assets Outshine Most Traditional Investments in 2019

    2019 has been an entirely different story, however, as digital assets have started to gain significant value in comparison to traditional assets like stocks, oil, and precious metals.

    May 29, 2019
  • GRZ Energy CEO on CNBC’s Futures Now TV Show: “Bitcoin Should Be 5% to 10% of Your Portfolio”

    Bitcoin (BTC) is gradually gaining followers and adoptees who want a piece of the ‘digital gold’.

    May 23, 2019
  • Charlie Munger: the Golden Era Of Investing Is Over

    Charlie Munger accepted a one-on-one interview with Becky Quick following the 2019 Daily Journal Annual Meeting in Los Angeles. In a wide-ranging conversation and his usual no-holds-barred manner, the 95-year-old chairman of the Daily Journal gave his thoughts on whether he thinks the golden era of investing is over, the current state of party politics, his take on the buyback debate, trade tensions with China, and the life advice he abides by.

    May 15, 2019
  • 10 Fundamental Rules for Successful Cryptocurrency Investing

    The cryptocurrency market is fraught with many traps. However, there are some simple rules that can be followed in order to preserve capital and generate gains.

    May 9, 2019
  • 47% of Institutional Investors Welcome Crypto Investments, Survey Shows

    A new study reveals surging investments in cryptocurrencies by institutional investors, with almost half of them viewing crypto assets as having a place in their portfolios. “Institutional investors are overwhelmingly favorable about the appealing characteristics of digital assets,” Fidelity Investments described.

    May 5, 2019

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