Stock Your Stockings With Free Stock And Crypto Cheer This HODLday Season With These Top Offers

The Holiday Season Is among us again. Your wallet is probably feeling rather light right about now after all that Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping you’ve done. While we enjoy spending money on our friends and loved ones, we don’t enjoy breaking the bank to do so. And even though your credit card statement is due soon, there is still reason to feel cheerful for this holiday season. Here are the best offers for free crypto and stocks for 2019.

Voyager’s Fee-Free Crypto App Gives $25 in Bitcoin For Signing Up And Earnings of 3% Interest Monthly

Voyager is a crypto exchange app for iOS and Android that enables users to trade 19 of the most popular cryptocurrencies without paying a commission. It does this by connecting to over a dozen of the most trusted and secure crypto exchanges with the “Voyager Smart Order Router” to provide you with access to the largest crypto trading market. The app is safe, secure, and easy to use. As of November, Voyager now offers a 3% commission on Bitcoin holdings and 5% interest on ETHOS (paid out monthly). Sign up using this link to get $25 in free Bitcoin. If you’re not in a territory where Voyager is currently supported, be sure to sign up anyway as they are expanding globally in 2020.

Robinhood Stock And Crypto Exchange App (Now Available in the UK) Gives Free Stock For Signing Up And Depositing .01¢

Robinhood is a stock-centric exchange app that hit the US by storm when it disrupted the stock exchange space with their commision-free stock trading and easy to use platform. With massive crypto interest in early 2018, Robinhood announced trading of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Stellar. This brought an army of crypto enthusiasts to sign up with Robinhood where many were exposed to stock trading for the first time. When you sign up and confirm your bank information, then make your first deposit of only .01¢ or more; you will get a chance to claim a free stock. You have a 1 in 150 chance of even getting any blue chip stocks such as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, GE, Ford or AMD. With Robinhood now launching in the UK, British patrons can take advantage of this great opportunity.

Abra Mobile Crypto Exchange App Gives You $25 in Bitcoin for Signing Up

Abra is a secure mobile cryptocurrency exchange app that allows customers to easily invest in over 80 of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Abra has enabled for customers to invest in BIT10; an index of the top cryptos. When you sign up to use Abra with this link, you will receive $25 in free bitcoin after just a $5 bank and/or credit card deposit. Yes, you can use a credit card to purchase cryptos on this app! App Gives $50 For Sign-up, Plus Crypto-Back Credit Cards With Free Netflix, Spotify, And Airplane Lounges

There seems to be a lot of great value for customers to join When you sign up, you will get $50 for free just for becoming a member. That is certainly incentive enough for most. Plus, when you sign up for a you have the opportunity to apply for one of their MCO VISA credit cards which offer crypto back to your MCO wallet, and earn you free MCO which can be traded for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. MCO is’s own cryptocurrency, which offers some very attractive staking rewards. Plus you can score free Netflix, Spotify, and other great rewards. This is easily one of the most exciting places for crypto.

Binance.US Gives You $15 Just To Register

Binance.US is the spawn of, which recently shut its doors to US customers in August following US regulatory pressures. As a result, Binance opened its doors to US customers under the name Binance.US recently and offers new customers $15 to sign up with their exchange. Binance is one of the largest and most influential global cryptocurrency exchanges. While the US version is far more limited than the version of the exchange, it still offers a comprehensive viewset and is adding relevant cryptocurrencies for trade regularly. This exchange is sure to make strides in 2020, but for now, a $15 incentive to join is always a nice offering.

Easily Earn Bitcoin With FeaturePoints Rewards App

For those who sign up with this link or use code 5N5Z9S when signing up, you will receive 50 points for free. This will get you well on your way to earning some free Bitcoin. Once you accumulate enough points, you can cash out for $5 or $10 in Bitcoin at a time within a 24 hour period. FeaturePoints is a rewards app available for desktop and mobile. Users earn points by taking quizzes, downloading and using apps and taking surveys. After completing these tasks, users are rewarded with points which can be used for gift cards, cash or even bitcoin! Each task within FeaturePoints varies in point value. You can even enter contests that will net you large point quantities.

So now that you’ve gone broke on gifts for everyone else this holiday season, it is time you treat yourself to some free crypto and stock courtesy of the offers above to recoup some of your losses. While some terms and conditions apply, these offers are easily some of the top opportunities available. With an interesting year ahead for crypto in 2020 as Bitcoin’s rewards halven, there is no telling if these offers are going to last for very long, and what kind of value you might lock in ahead of any market uptrends. How did you do with filling up your holiday stocking? Be sure to let me know on twitter @MarcusHenryHODL. Wishing you all a happy and healthy HODLday season! Cheers!

Marcus Henry is an American Journalist with over 11 years working in the tech industry. He has been actively involved in the crypto community for the past three years and currently works out of Austin, Texas. He covers breaking news, writes perspective pieces and reflections, and conducts interviews with industry professionals and community members. Follow Marcus Henry on Twitter- @MarcusHenryHODL

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