Online Purchases in Cryptocurrency at the World Trade and Gaming Platforms Are Now Available through the CryptoCardsPlus

Online Purchases in Cryptocurrency at the World Trade and Gaming Platforms Are Now Available through the CryptoCardsPlus

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Are you the owner of some cryptocurrency, but don`t know how to use it for your own daily needs? This situation is likely to be familiar to every crypto assets holder. This is due to the fact that despite such great popularity of cryptocurrencies, the range of their real use is quite limited. Cryptocurrency is still not a means of payment on a par with fiat currencies. Many countries are interested in recognizing cryptocurrency as a traditional means of payment, though. 

All methods that are currently available for payment in cryptocurrency are associated with the need to “lay” the cryptocurrency within those services that provide the ability to pay in the cryptocurrency. Such services issue plastic or virtual cards that are tied to their wallets. That is, in fact, the user first sends their cryptocurrency to the accounts of such services, where their crypto assets are stored. Then, when the user wants to pay with “their” cryptocurrency, they first exchange it at the rate of this service, which, by the way, is far from the market one, and only then, pay for the purchase with the help of fiat. Thus, there is no direct payment using cryptocurrency. The user also needs to pay for the transaction in the process. Fees will be charged for almost everything from issuing the card and its maintenance to depositing and withdrawing funds. And the user just needs to make a purchase on the Internet quickly and without any fees!

For those who want to make purchases in cryptocurrency “here and now” on a particular service, the creators of the CryptoCardsPlus project provided the opportunity to purchase gift cards the world’s most popular shopping and entertainment sites. The CryptoCardsPlus users will be able to buy gift cards from such companies as Amazon, XBOX, NETFLIX, Ebay, Visa/MasterCard, Playstation Plus, Google Play, Steam, Apple iTunes for cryptocurrencies. For this, they will need to go to the CryptoCardsPlus website, choose the desired card, to send a certain amount of funds in such cryptocurrency as BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, BCH, XRP, ZEC, PM for it. After the payment, the card code will instantly appear on the screen and it will also come to the email specified before the payment. After that, the user will be able to instantly use the card code for payment within the desired service. 

Thus, anyone can almost instantly make purchases on the Internet. There is only a limitation in the list of the partner companies, which cards can be purchased, presented on the CryptoCardsPlus website. However, the project creators promise to constantly expand the list of gift cards available for purchase. As the project develops, not only the number of partner companies but also payment methods in the form of accepted cryptocurrencies will grow. All this suggests that the CryptoCardsPlus strives to create the most beneficial conditions to their users. Discounts on different types of cards will be available all the time. The CryptoCardsPlus is your guide to the world of online shopping in cryptocurrency!

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