iOWN Launches Brand-New Crypto Wallet

The blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, iOWN, launches its own brand-new crypto wallet, iOWNX. 

iOWNX is a multipurpose wallet and investment platform, accessible through the dedicated app or through any web browser. The wallet is able to send, receive, buy and storing iOWN Tokens and Ether as well. Furthermore, the investment platform integrated with iOWNX offers its users access to investment events listed through campaigns.  

The campaigns will be updated periodically and will present investment opportunities in various domains including, but not limited to, real estate, consumer staples, healthcare, financial, industrial, and energy. 

Wallet users will be able to invest in any asset available on the platform by using the iOWN Token after undergoing the KYC. Also, the iOWNX wallet is set to be user-friendly as well as secure. Therefore, iOWNX comes with a unique and mnemonic 12-words security code, which will allow customers to recover their private keys, without losing access to their funds and assets. On the future updates the app will include fingerprint and OTP security measures.

The iOWN Token is based on the ERC-223 token standard, hence not allowing the accidental losses through transfers to contracts that don’t support token receiving and handling. It comes with uniformity and enhanced compatibility by simplifying the requirements, allowing the use of the same transfer function, and the usage of the token fallback function. And like every Ethereum token, iOWN token will still require a small amount of Ether to fuel a transfer from a wallet to another, but since it’s an ERC-223 token, the operation will only require half the gas an ERC20 would take. 

Furthermore, iOWN Token raised over $1,500,000 through the token sale that closed on September 30th of 2019, exceeding the $1,200,000 soft cap, and gathering a solid community from over 60 countries. 

Although the token sale is closed, iOWN Token will be listed on P2PB2B and LATOKEN trading platforms. The public will be able to buy, exchange, and trade the token beginning with mid-November.  

People who have downloaded the iOWNX app will be able to store the token inside it, or access and invest in any listed campaign. 

The wallet is available for download on both Apple and Android

For more information on how to get the wallet’s app and set up an iOWNX user account, please visit 

About iOWN 

iOWN is a platform and an ecosystem for connecting businesses and investors through blockchain. It was launched to address the current shortages and drawbacks in the investments flow through the financial systems. 

Both business owners and investors know how hard it is to find trusted partners and viable projects. Therefore, iOWN offers access to qualified portfolios, hence business owners can minimize the risk of time-loss and the fundraising fees, at the same time, retaining control of the sale.  

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