Craig S. Wright Is Nakamoto Satoshi? BSV Surged 96%

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  • Craig S. Wright is very famous in the cryptocurrency circle, and the fake news on his body will be enlarged. Fake news is often easier to spread than the truth, especially in the case of meeting multiple needs, but frequent fake news can lead people to lose trust in the media.
  • True news is an objective fact, not produced according to people’s preferences. False news is made up according to the tastes of the masses. The most reported “fake” news often belongs to “only part of the truth is given”, and they all have a certain purpose, even Some products, platforms, and service names will be found in a certain piece of news.
  • Who is making fake news? The profit-making party after the impact is the biggest suspect.
  • People do not lack the wisdom to see through lies. What is lacking is the courage to expose lies.

On May 29th, CoinBull Media released a message saying: “Craig S. Wright has transferred 50,000 BTC to Binance from BTC’s largest wallet, which confirms that Craig S. Wright is Nakamoto.”

With the spread of this news, the BSV created by Craig S. Wright skyrocketed. Its price continued to rise from around $121 at 8:00 am on May 19, BSV rose to $238, until 8:00 am (May 30), a 24-hour increase of 96%.

Craig S. Wright Is Nakamoto Satoshi? BSV Surged 96%
Source: Huobi Global

Craig S. Wright  has always insisted that he is Nakamoto, but he does not really prove his way. Even after he completed the original Bitcoin white paper and most of the original code (version 0.1) of the US copyright registration, it has not been recognized in the industry. If the transfer event is true, it can prove that he has always claimed Nakamoto’s identity, but then there is an official voice that the news is false news.

Although many people have clarified the facts, BSV has become the beneficiary of this incident. At the time of publishing this article, the price of BSV remained at a high of $225.71.

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