BiFi Pro File System Is Secure and Has Not Been Hacked

GitHub was hacked during International Labor Day. The code that many programmers hosted on GitHub has disappeared and replaced with a blackmail letter. The hackers write in the letter that they have downloaded and stored the source code on their own server. The hackers ask the victim to pay 0.1 bitcoin to a particular account within 10 days, otherwise they will expose the code or use the code in other ways.

Not just GitHub, other code-hosting sites like GitLab and Bitbucket have also been attacked. According to GitHub, the code base affected by this attack has reached nearly 400. Although GitHub responded, it is currently contacting affected users to protect and restore their accounts.

In this incident, many projects have been safely spared. BiFi Pro is an example. From the fan forum, BiFi Pro has not been attacked on the GitHub community. This is related to the characteristics of the BiFi Pro file system.

BiFi Pro is committed to creating a global decentralized file system to make it more environmentally friendly for the world, more fair and more rewarding for miners, more reliable and easier-to-use for users.

BiFi Pro file system has several features:

1 Store your own private files for permanent security (assuming that you do not voluntarily publish your own files to the public)

2 Publish authorized files to earn BiFi

3 Help publishers to store files to earn BiFi

4 All transfers are real-time and anonymous

Community fans also analyze the pros and cons of these features and give suggestions. Storing your own private files for permanent security is all P2P systems can do, which is the ability of P2P in Internet era; That publishing authorized files and helping publishers to store files can earn BiFi is an incentive which all blockchain projects must have mechanism. The key to success or failure for a project is the ability of community governance. The insufficiency or uncertainty of incentive mechanism will affect the long-term development of project. EOS is a typical example. There is a lot of experience in this area to learn. Real-time and anonymous transfers are rarely used in current projects. The current capacity of the project BCH supporting the lighting net has reached 12000+ channels 100+BTC, and it will become more and more powerful. Therefore, BiFi Pro can currently be used as a free personal network disk.

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