5G Wind: BiFi Pro Storage Tool Goes With the Wind

BiFi Pro, as a new generation in the storage field, its vision is to build an efficient storage system based on various P2P technologies to complete file storage and distribution, and then make a payment system to complete the timely transaction of documents. A secure currency is issued based on the blockchain throughout the process for scene circulation. By riding the 5G wind, the entire system can achieve extremely low operating costs due to decentralized operation.

According to IDC, the amount of 5G information will drive more than 5 billion consumers interacting with data every day. It is an indisputable fact that 5G wind accelerates the innovation of products and services in the blockchain. According to statistics, there are currently more than 2,000 projects in the global blockchain with more than 20 directions. The mainstream direction is payment, storage, data, fair anti-counterfeiting, exchange rate exchange, etc. Others, such as games, social, side chains, etc. , are relatively small. The projects in the mainstream direction are basically related to the data.

In the storage direction, although there are already ASW, Microsoft and other top Lass companies take 98% of enterprise storage needs; Dropbox, Box and other companies take away 1% of personal and corporate collaboration needs; Baidu network disk, Tencent Weiyun and other domestic big names Take away 0.8% of the personal storage needs; But the 0.2% share is also a market share of more than 200 million US dollars business, enough for these new ecological enterprises to survive more than enough.

At present, BiFi Pro has been released to version 1.0, and the market direction is not bad, with the support for BIFI ecology and a market share of 200 million US dollars, which has enough space. But the market competition is also very fierce. Sia, Storj, Mainsafe, Filecoin are all flocking to this market, whoever can be effective, will have a greater chance of winning.

For BiFi Pro, 5G is undoubtedly a sharp weapon.

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