2key Network layer-2 solution to run on Elrond blockchain

Elrond, the recently launched blockchain featuring adaptive state sharding and proof of stake (PoS), today announced a new strategic partnership with layer-2 solution, 2key Network.

2Key enables the execution of smart contracts in a browser-based network, where clicking on a link turns the browser into a blockchain node with a non-custodial wallet.

2key Network’s technology can improve user on-boarding in all of Elrond Network’s consumer and enterprise dApps, thereby boosting user acquisition.

These improvements are delivered by the aforementioned ‘Smart Links’ a proprietary technology that enables the community of any development or project to seamlessly be rewarded for driving product growth and service usage — be it centralized or decentralized.

Elrond Network offers a great infrastructure for blockchain use-cases that require a strenuous throughput, making it a strong frontier for 2key’s Smart Link technology as-well-as dApp growth and interoperability benefits.”
– Erez Ben Kiki, CEO 2key Network

Through this partnership, 2Key Network’s novel layer-2 protocol will be used atop the first layer-1 solution that leverages adaptive state sharding in conjunction with PoS consensus.

Simultaneously, Elrond gains a powerful new means of pushing dApp growth on its blockchain, furthering the team’s ambition of making a blockchain for mass usage.

2Key Network is a great enabler of Web 3 technology and we’re glad to offer Elrond as a fast, secure and cost-efficient infrastructure on which to run 2Key Network.”
–  Lucian Todea, COO Elrond


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