BiFi Pro Global Recruitment Super Node Program

BiFi Pro Global Recruitment Super Node Program

BiFi Pro aims to build a secure, reliable and efficient distributed storage distribution system for users around the world by using blockchain technology. In the field of distributed storage, the business is the first to land and complete the ecological coupling.

Based on IPFS, BTC and Pay Channel technologies, BiFi Pro adopts POC+POS consensus and is the world’s first commercially available file-based storage distribution network. For agile management and speed iteration, after nearly one year of closed development, the concept version and function version were completed, and the official version was released on March 25, 2019. It has been iterated to version 1.2.1.

BiFi Pro recruits Super Nodes worldwide to build a network to expand the business ecosystem. The network nodes with high bandwidth, high storage and high stability will be selected for network storage and scheduling. Super Node will gain priority.

If you are interested in becoming a super node, please fill out the TS (BiFi Pro Super Node application form).

Application form to submit an email address:

Recruitment deadline: May 13 – May 31

Thank you for your participation and make the world a better place.

BiFi Pro Team

TS (BiFi Pro Super Node Application Form)