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Amberdata, a crypto and blockchain data platform, has announced the release of Version 2 of its API tool. The new version brings updates to data, and supports many more data sets coming in 2020. API Version 2 has been rebuilt to be faster, deeper in breadth and adds flexibility for all the data users have requested.

The platform has been supporting multiple blockchains for a while. Yet by adding new chains, the first version of the API could not handle all the features unique to different blockchains. To properly manage features, the core needed updates for: UTXO Data Models, Multiple To/From Accounts, Verification Proof Data, Digital Assets Metadata & References.

List of breaking changes that occur in API Version 2:

  • UTXO – To support Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash & Bitcoin SV, Amberdata has added core UTXO data sets in API responses.
  • To/From Accounts – Some blockchains support multiple from or to accounts within a single transaction. To support this, all endpoints have been changed involving accounts to use array syntax.
  • Metadata – The Amberdata API now supports lots of metadata specific to each feature represented in different blockchains. This is a new object that supports things such as: raw serialized data, custom smart contract fields, validation data fields and more.

Current plans call for V1 of the API to be deprecated by February 28th, 2020.


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